We’re on a mission to make agencies great places to work

Agencies are exciting and rewarding environments, with cultures that can, if well-nurtured, be some of the best you can find.

Yet, agencies can also be incredibly hectic and tough. No two days are the same, there’s a high rate of change, and the pressure can be high. It’s understandable that whilst some will naturally flourish in such an environment, others will struggle to adapt to the relentless pace.

Ultimately, agencies are people-focused organisations, and their success is reliant on having happy, motivated, high-performing employees at their heart.

We firmly believe that everyone working at an agency is able to flourish with appropriate leadership, support and management processes in place.

The thing is, with such a fast pace in agencies, many of these things don’t end up being focused on. It can also be hard to justify getting dedicated, full-time resource to do it.

This is where we come in!

We work in partnership with ambitious agencies that want to do right by their people, and in-turn achieve their goals as a business. From developing all-encompassing people strategies, to coaching and training leaders, to creating clear and fair people development frameworks, our work can empower individuals to take advantage of the fantastic benefits working at an agency can offer.

Heading up Reflect Consultancy is Sean Butcher.

Starting his agency career in 2009, he has vast experience working within delivery, operational, people and leadership functions at various sizes of agency businesses.

A CIPD qualified HR professional, and ILM coach & mentor, he has previously held roles at agencies including Head of SEO, Head of People and COO. He is also a regular conference speaker, and awards judge.

With this unique blend of experience, Sean really ‘gets’ how people at agencies feel and operate – all the way from leadership to your most junior members of the team.

Reflect Consultancy – What Else Do You Need to Know?

Why “Reflect”?

Many of Sean’s coaching clients, as well as colleagues, have told him this is what he helps them do best – from reflecting on their performance, to viewing their thoughts and the situations they’ve faced from another perspective.

Sean is a firm believer in the power of reflection and ownership when it comes to high performance. When coaching and mentoring, he is effective at building rapport whilst challenging people to develop and grow, both personally and professionally.

How much do you charge?
What and ‘who’ do you need access to?

Depending on the size of your agency and the accountabilities of members of your team, we may be working with the Founder, someone in your leadership team or your people managers.

Our agency culture audits, and some of our other services will require us to talk to a range of people across your team to get feedback from people across the team to understand how they feel about things like their development prospects, to the way they are being managed.

Ideally, we’d need get hold of your agency org structure before getting started.

Do you work in person or remotely for coaching/training?

I’m happy to do either/both! Whilst we are now firmly in a new world of work where many of us have fully adapted to having meetings and training sessions via video call, there’s also something great about all getting in a room together – particularly when the training is interactive!

I’m happy to work with you to decide on the most suitable location, though travel beyond a certain radius may incur additional expenses.

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