“I can highly recommend Sean to any agency owner or manager that’s looking for ways to improve their team’s personal development.

Sean’s training has helped us develop our management team into confident leaders that can manage both efficiently and empathetically. His hands-on approach involves a mix of presentation-based training alongside team building activities. I’d highly recommend Sean to any agency owner looking to train a management team from scratch or add some additional knowledge to an existing team.”

Charlie Clark – Founder at Minty Digital

I worked very closely with Sean on several people strategy projects at Hallam — something that is crucial to the success of our agency and its reputation.

During this time, Sean proved to be a skilled, detail-oriented professional, and implemented several important strategies and frameworks that helped us improve our people management culture.

His inside knowledge of how agencies operate is a huge advantage, and combined with Sean’s HR and People skills, it’s rare to find someone with such a unique of blend skills.

Sean is also a very likeable person, a great listener and an excellent cultural fit in any organisation.

Julio Taylor – CEO at Hallam

“What Sean created at the agency is brilliant, from the processes, the training, the knowledge sharing sessions and the general anti- burn out culture we have here.

Sean understands that the key ingredients to growth and success in a business is its people, and is passionate about unlocking a workforce’s potential to attain this.”

Jodie Harris – Head of Digital PR at Blue Array

“Sean has been incredibly helpful in helping me find ways to understand myself and my team in a more accomplished way. He had helped me reframe some difficult moments positively, and come out of the other side with a better way to think about things.

Having held similar positions himself, he appreciates the challenges and opportunities that can come with a leadership role in a fast-growing agency. From listening and encouraging me to think deeper about certain work situations, I have been able to move forward with some of the goals for improving how I work.

It’s been really great to get an outside perspective.”

Declan Reilly – Head of SEO at Evoluted

“Sean has been a key component in my professional growth. Friendly, approachable, enthusiastic and funny, he has a rare affinity with people and their personal and professional development. When I have had discussions with him about my development, I have always left the room with a fresh perspective, renewed confidence and increased motivation.

His experience has provided him with a significant understanding of the complexities and challenges within the agency world. Without hesitation, I recommend Sean to any organisation looking to improve its approach to people management, whether through management training or the integration of new processes.”

Luce Rawlings – Freelance SEO Consultant

“I have seen the lasting impact Sean has had on numerous team members, including myself.

Sean takes the time to understand individuals and is therefore able to sympathetically guide people to realise their full potential. This, coupled with a clear understanding of the agency’s needs, meant Sean was able to build processes and structures to support a rapidly growing team.”

Mike Stepney – Head of SEO at Blue Array

“I found Sean’s guidance around people management, coaching and general HR practices to be measured and thoughtful. He always offered news ways of doing something to make it easier or to get a better outcome.

He was really supportive and encouraging – even when the situation I brought to him was tricky to navigate. He’s got a good sense of humour and positive attitude – really enjoyed working with him!”

Julie Reid – Strategy Director at Hallam

“Sean’s guidance has enabled me to discover my strengths and make decisions that brought me to a much healthier and happier place, at work and elsewhere.

Sean is an amazing coach who has ultimately had a great impact on my career. I would definitely recommend Sean’s coaching to anyone feeling stuck in their current role.”

Iladya Karakas – SEO Consultant at Builtvisible

“I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Sean, he always challenged me to think outside of the box and opened my mind to explore different solutions or thoughts. Sean is a really good listener and really encouraged me to self-reflect, think about things thoroughly and with maturity.

When I started my sessions with Sean my confidence was shot and I was unsure of my future career direction, but with Sean’s support and coaching I am now working towards a promotion.”

Robyn Munro – Digital PR Executive at iProspect

Sean was great! He is super friendly, gives me space to talk about challenges I’m having with my business, and nudges me towards solutions.

Camille Hogg – Freelance content writer