People Development Processes

“Am I doing a good job?” “Am I on the path to reaching my goals?”

Whilst these are such crucial things to know for someone’s engagement at work, so often the feedback to find out is difficult to obtain, and the process for managing things like pay-rises and promotions is shrouded in mystery.

This lack of clarity can leave many of your brightest, hardest-working employees quickly becoming de-motivated, disengaged, and lacking trust in your as an employer.

Why not do things differently? We can work with you to design various processes and frameworks that help your people understand what they need to do to succeed.

Your outcomes

Consistency & Clarity

Everyone understands that they need to do to hit their objectives, be promoted and more. The processes are no longer shrouded in mystery.


No more mystery when it comes to progression & development; everyone understands what’s expected of them.


No longer will your people think the process favours certain people, or that they don’t have chances to progress, meaning a more open and honest culture.


Alignment provides a sense of purpose and mission, and the feeling of driving towards a common goal which is bigger than themselves.

Goal frameworks

People are motivated by purpose; in other words, being part of something which is bigger than themselves.

Goals make expectations clear. Hit your goals, and you know you’re doing a good job individually, but also that you’re contributing to helping the organisation to achieve its own objectives.

We’ve helped agencies implement successful goal-setting frameworks, including OKRs, Smart Objectives and Rocks, plus develop the process for managing them ongoing.

We can help you to cascade goals from an organisational level, throughout your business so everyone is on the same page and driving towards a shared vision and purpose.

Performance reviews

With goals to support the mission of the organisation, plus a pathway to individual success, it’s important that employees feel like they are on the right track via regular feedback and development conversations on their performance.

We can help you develop a robust, goal-oriented performance review process, and career-focused 1-2-1s which aim to tie everything together, and motivate your people.

Lead by your people leaders and managers, we can also provide training and ongoing support if required to help them run the process.

Career pathways

Agencies change all of the time – one of the best parts of working for them is that there will always be opportunities for good people to progress.

But what exactly does that look like? There’s no point having these opportunities if people don’t understand what they need to do to get there.

We can help remove the mystery by creating clear, methodical career pathways for your people. Using competency frameworks and PDPs, individual development objectives become clearer to all, and foster a culture of continuous learning within your organisation.

“What Sean created at the agency is brilliant. The processes he created shows he understands that the key ingredients to growth and success in a business is its people, and is passionate about unlocking a workforce’s potential to attain this.”

Jodie Harris – Head of Digital PR

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