Reflections Podcast #3 – Mental health and leadership with Lou Ali

Worrying about our the mental health of our employees is something which is regularly on the minds of a leader, particularly in the post-pandemic world of work.

And even more so when you work in a demanding, fast-paced industry like digital PR.

But it’s also incredibly important to manage your own mental health and wellbeing. I always talk about ‘putting on your own oxygen mask first’, and this is no more true in leadership.

If you’re not mentally fit and healthy yourself, it can be incredibly challenging, if not impossible to help others effectively.

In episode 3 of the Reflections Podcast I spoke with Lou Ali, Head of Digital PR from Yard Digital about mental health and leadership, including:

  • Her upcoming BrightonSEO presentation ‘Self esteem optimisation: the most important type of SEO’
  • The challenges that the pandemic and more remote/hybrid working have caused with managing mental health in the workplace
  • How she looks after her own mental health as a leader in a pressurised, fast-paced industry

Lou was a fantastic guest who provided lots of open and honest insights including how mental health has affected her personally, and what she’s done to tackle it.

Watch the full episode above, or if you prefer to listen you can do so via Spotify:

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