Reflections Podcast #2 – People-first agency leadership with Giorgio Cassella

“People over profit”. It’s a phrase which so many organisations say, but the unfortunate reality is that it can often be just words that are stated for marketing or PR, rather than an ethos that they truly follow.

So when Giorgio Cassella, co-Managing Director at Sheffield based Evoluted agreed to speak with me for episode 2 of the Reflection Podcast, I was keen to pick his brains on what “people first” really means to him.

In the episode we also speak about:

  • How to ensure employee wellbeing remains a focus within agencies
  • The importance of career development, progression and clarity of the process with competency frameworks
  • How Giorgio looks after his own wellbeing as a leader

Giorgio’s journey to leadership is a really fascinating one, and if you’re a leader or aspiring to lead a business with an empathetic, people-driven approach then this is definitely an episode you’ll want to catch.

If you prefer just to listen then yo can stream the audio-only version on Spotify:

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