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Reflections Newsletter - January 2023

Jacinda Ardern, Leader Burnout, and How to Manage Your Risk of Burning Out This Year

Burnout has become a hot topic again this month following the resignation of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

This is a story which really resonated with me. Ok, so I was no leader of a country, but I have felt burnout as a leader personally, and knew I had to make changes to preserve my mental health. I think she should be applauded for having the self-awareness to step down. It would have been an incredibly tough decision, but it was clearly the right one for her personally, and for her family.

In this article I discuss burnout as a leader, and attempt to provide some tips for managing it based on some of my own experiences.

New year, new role – 7 tips for first-time managers in agencies

Promotions. Role changes. The new year often means stepping into a brand new role.

In this article I give seven tips for first-time managers to help them transition to this new role and the responsibilities that come with it.

Eight ways to set and manage company & employee goals

Company and personal goals are often set when January roles around, yet the process for doing so can be daunting.

In this article, I'll provide some ways of simplifying things, to make goal setting a process you enjoy.



Episode #1 - Jasmine Granton

I talked to Jasmine - Content & Digital PR Lead from Evolved Search - about the challenges of leading a team remotely, whether management is right for everyone, 4 day weeks and more.

I have some exciting guests lined up in the coming months, so subscribe to my podcast channel below to be notified when new episodes go live!

Book of the month


Book of the month - Give and Take

Popular media leads us to believe that the way to get ahead is by being a selfish a**ehole. Professor Adam Grant argues that there is a different way in this fascinating read.

Other articles & resources

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Like Jacinda Ardern, we quit our jobs because we didn’t have ‘enough in the tank’ (feat. Iain Ross)

A great article featuring Freelance Digital PR Consultant Iain Ross and others talking about their own experiences with burnout, following the news of Jacinda Ardern's resignation this month.

Two thirds would take a pay cut for better work-life balance, survey finds

A recent report by Hays has shown that 56% of employees would be willing to accept a lower-paid job in exchange for a better work-life balance.
Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 16.26.44

Hiring and Workplace Trends for 2023

Crucial reading for those responsible for hiring. Trends for this year include an increasingly employee-centric job market, the focus on benefits over salaries, and no return from the pandemic pivot to remote and flexible work (thankfully!).
Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 16.30.40

OfficeVibe's New Managers Guide

Along with being a pretty nifty employee engagement tool, OfficeVibe also put together some incredible useful resources and content.

When pulling together my first-time manager tips article, I came across this great guide for new managers. Super handy if you've just taken on the responsibility of looking after other people.

You can download the full guide directly via the article link:

Two thirds of businesses prefer to let employees choose their working hours

In positive news for flexible working, 58% of employers are open to allowing staff to choose their own working hours, understanding the need for this as competition for talent increases.

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Do you want to be at BrightonSEO this April?

I'll be speaking about the importance of employee onboarding! As such I have a ticket to both the Thursday and Friday to give away.

All newsletter subscribers are automatically entered into the draw for the tickets. But I'd be incredibly grateful if you help could spread the word!


Coaching testimonial

I was delighted to hear about the recent promotion of my previous coaching client Robyn Munro.

About our coaching sessions, she said: "Sean always challenged me to think outside of the box and opened my mind to explore different solutions or thoughts. He is a really good listener and really encouraged me to self-reflect, think about things thoroughly and with maturity."

Interested in pursuing your career goals this year? Let's chat about what coaching could achieve for you.
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