Leadership & Management Development

There are countless opportunities for people to progress in agencies. Whether through business growth, or the fast pace of change, people can find themselves responsible for leading other employees before they know it.

Let’s face it, people management is a HUGE responsibility to take on – especially if they are doing so before they are really ready.

And as we all know, being a great individual contributor does not automatically make a great manager!

I’m a firm believer that your agency culture can only ever be as good as the people leaders you have within the business. They represent the culture and are at the front-line for ensuring your employees have a fantastic experience.

The question is, with such a competitive job market, can you afford NOT to develop your people leaders?

Your outcomes

Managers become leaders

Managers ‘tell’ people what to do. Leaders inspire and grow their direct reports and teams to become the best they can be.

A culture of empowerment

Our techniques encourage greater ownership and empowerment to solve problems; something that will seep through to the rest of the organisation as they adopt this approach themselves.

Increased engagement and performance

Not only will you people leaders feel happier and more confident, the impact of their new skills will be felt across your organisation, raising engagement and morale.

A team to represent YOU

Ultimately, your people leaders have a crucial role to play in representing your vision to the rest of the organisation. A capable team leading your people will allow you to focus on other areas with confidence.

Here’s some truly staggering statistics for you…

  • Around HALF of people leave their roles because of their manager in the UK
  • This is far worse in agencies – I conducted a poll which found that 94% of people have quit because of the way they were managed!
  • 70% of variance in team engagement is solely determined by the teamʼs manager.
  • Yet, only 20% of employees ‘strongly believe’ they are managed in a motivating way.
  • Worst of all – another poll I ran found that OVER 90% of people that answered have had their mental health negatively affected by a previous manager

Group leadership sessions

Working in small groups, these facilitated sessions give your people leaders an opportunity to share experiences and agree on practical takeaways that they can apply immediately.

From covering the essentials of people management and motivation, to deep diving into elements such as giving feedback, having difficult conversations, and managing people remotely, we can work with you to identify the areas to be developed within your people leaders, and tailor our approach to meet your needs.

Ultimately, as a result of better leaders and a more consistent approach, you’ll end up with happier and more engaged employees across the business.

1-2-1 Coaching or Mentoring

Talking to a coach offers an individual the chance to offload and reflect on their thoughts, gain reassurance, and create a plan for moving forward, all in an open, honest and confidential way.

With our 1-2-1 coaching, we aim to build self-awareness, as well as empowerment to leave your people leaders feeling more confident and assured in taking action.

With vast experience in this area, we ask the right questions to leave those with this vital responsibility feeling empowered to make the right decisions for both them and their direct reports, and develop from managers into true leaders.

“Sean has been incredibly helpful in helping me find ways to understand myself and my team in a more accomplished way. Having held similar positions himself, he appreciates the challenges and opportunities that can come with a leadership role in a fast-growing agency. It’s been really great to get an outside perspective.”

Declan Reilly – Head of SEO at Evoluted

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